In MW Network we are aware of the

growing demands of the market in terms of


That is why, in addition to the signals

we offer to meet the needs

Latin entertainment market

we now have available under the transactional schema and large productions suscription

quality and global recognition for

cable systems in Latin America.





Our Teleport allows us to send signals  to the

Satellite EUTELSAT 117 West A in order to

provide audio, video

and data practically anywhere in North and South America.  It uses a Digicipher II platform, state

of the art technology which is capable of encrypting

information -whether audio, video or data- sent

to the satellite, in this way protecting the

information from hackers.

Our equipment is capable of transmitting 22 video channels and 72 audio channels. In addition

to Standard Definition (SD) transmission, it also

has the possibility of offering High Definition (HD) transmission, using Pure Pixel technology which improves the quality of the video and optimizes broadband services, offering the capacity to

generate live programs with direct communication

to the master.


















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